Dark Horse presenta: Satan’s Swarm

Dark Horse Books presenta Satan’s Swarm, una nuova graphic novel horror dei maestri dell’horror Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre) e Piotr Kowalski (Where Monsters Lie, All Eight Eyes), colorata da Lovern Kindzierski e letterata da Nate Piekos.
Dr. Philip Morgan invites entomologists, young influencers, and a reporter, amongst others, to his secluded coastal research facility for a mysterious and bizarre study. What they find is a zoo of death, where local residents have been eaten to the bone, and the specimens they have come to understand have them on the menu next.
Perfetto per i fan di Hellblazer o Witchfinder.
Satan’s Swarm (72 pagine, 6,25 x 10,1875″) arriverà sugli scaffali USA a partire dal 2 aprile 2024

L’articolo Dark Horse presenta: Satan’s Swarm proviene da ComixIsland.

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