Marvel: in arrivo la miniserie WHITE WIDOW

Annunciato oggi da The Mary Sue, Yelena Belova tornerà per la sua serie personale questo novembre! In WHITE WIDOW #1 (di 4), la scrittrice Sarah Gailey (Buffy l’ammazzavampiri, Eat the Rich) unisce le forze con il nostrano Alessandro Miracolo (Obi-Wan, Yoda) per un nuovo rivoluzionario capitolo nella vita di uno dei più enigmatici antieroi della Marvel.

Superspy. Rogue agent. Shadow of the Black Widow. Yelena Belova has been many things, but striking out as a hero in her own right is new to her. Now that she’s finally free to choose her own path, who will she become?


Sarah Gailey ha dichiarato a The Mary Sue:  “I am beyond exhilarated to launch White Widow into her own series! Yelena Belova is an incredible character who deserves independence, community, and the opportunity to kill on her own terms. Getting the chance to work with this team at Marvel is a thrill. I can’t wait for the world to see what Alessandro and I have in store!”

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